Cattle Rustling ?

……No, not realy.

Today has been a fun one. Started earlier  this morning, we had 15 head to haul, give shots, tag and band. Then we took them to their pasture. next week had to run a couple bulls from one lot to another. Next was a heifer, moved her to the same lot, and finally a steer of that lot and over to our first location. Kind of a busy day, and it is still not over!  I have to haul water and then go to the lumbar yard  and puck up a bundle of 2×4’s.   When you run a lawn business, fall and winter you have to be creative.  Any work is better than no work.

Welch’s Lawn and Services

This is the story of a lot of hours and hard work, of Me and my wife working together, living together, and making serious changes to people’s properties. My hope is that I can help people out with any info give, eventually will be able to assist in getting suplies, (through affiliate marketing) to people who otherwise can’t find them or don’t know what tool is best for the job. Most important is to get an understanding out to the public of the work that me and other professionals I’m my field