Remember to slow down, safety first.


WE started a next project. We have a lot to do, plus i am recovering from a chain saw accident. Big ice storm took out a lot of trees in my town. Every time you step out side it sounds like a lumberjack community. So everyone that had a saw shut down everything to make some cash chopping trees, well net everyone is guess ,but a lot of us. I was doing what I could as fast as I could and ………………. well you see the pic. Cost me a week off no pay. So I learned a lesson. Chainsaws are intended to be ran with a 2 hands on the saw. Not one.

A new mess

We have started a new house. Before I get to that, I will  post the pics from the last one.

Please keep in mind that I do not own the houses. I refurbish them for other people. I’m saying that because there are things I would do differently,  but I have to stay within budget and within their requests. So……….. 

thank you for following me

         I know there is a lot going on in everybody’s life. Mine too. We all have good days, bad days, and just plain rotten days.  If you agree with this please read this post. If you never read another thing I write, this is the one.
      I was at the bank the other day cashing a check.  Not real happy but given the situation I was able to pay bills and leave town to spend a little time with my wife.  

      Then the woman came over the speaker with the normal scripted “How are you today?”

      “Alright, how about yourself?”

       OK ok…… this is where it gets good. She could have said anything in the world. No rules, but she chose to say, ( even after my grumpy ass alright)

        “Actuality,  I’m wonderful today, how would you like this back”

    So after I said “No hundreds please, no one will cash them in pampa”,  I started to think about what she had said.What is so wonderful about her day. I pondered as to why her and not me, and it hit me like a brick to the dome!  

Her day was wonderful because she perceived it to be. Her destiny was in her own hands. Not the bill collector’s, not because she has no bills but she didn’t let that ruin her day. She didn’t  let the motorway cop burst her bubble;don’t know if he has even gotten her just saying, just read………

       I told her after she sent my tube back to me through that gerbil tunnel that makes no sense to how it works.

  I said,”Thank you, you just made me decide if will have a wonderful day too.”

If you get it, you get it. If not I’m sorry, but to you that do,

Have a wonderful day.  Thank you for your time.

Justin Welch