Remember when

look at it now
Well  I heald up , still not 100 % . Thank to the doctor; all b s aside, an African dude that is a prince where he came from, I can still count to 10. Have a good day. I’m off to work.

So this is where I’m working now

This house was abandoned by the people living in a camper in the back yard. The smell alone explains a lot as to why. The kids went crazy aperantly, after a sister passed away , and they wrote to her by means of marker on the walls. It is very sad situation, but has to be refurbished regardless.

Well,here it is

Well that’s a few, there are more,  I will out more pics later, but for now it’s looking a lot better. Wait till you see the finished project.

Remember to slow down, safety first.


WE started a next project. We have a lot to do, plus i am recovering from a chain saw accident. Big ice storm took out a lot of trees in my town. Every time you step out side it sounds like a lumberjack community. So everyone that had a saw shut down everything to make some cash chopping trees, well net everyone is guess ,but a lot of us. I was doing what I could as fast as I could and ………………. well you see the pic. Cost me a week off no pay. So I learned a lesson. Chainsaws are intended to be ran with a 2 hands on the saw. Not one.

A new mess

We have started a new house. Before I get to that, I will  post the pics from the last one.

Please keep in mind that I do not own the houses. I refurbish them for other people. I’m saying that because there are things I would do differently,  but I have to stay within budget and within their requests. So………..